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Kalyoncu Unv Gaziantep, Turkey


How May I Get Contact?

We have 2 different phone numbers and they both are also on Whatsapp. You are able to get in touch by phone, mail or Whatsapp.

How Long Will Your Respond Take?

We often check all our email and reply quite fast. (At least we always let you know if your message will direct to different department belong us)

May I Work With Web U Can?

Most probably yes, we are looking for a new membership. We are able to meet with face to face and talk all the rights and responsibilities with you.

How Long Creating a Website Takes?

Well, it depends between websites. Personal Blogs firstly deliveres in a week only! On the other hand the local companies need more details and uploading the content, so those take estimately 2-3 weeks. Please get in touch for E-Commerce Websites.

How Much Should I Pay?

It depends between websites, but our prices are guarenteed. We show the price first then make it and we have 3 Days Money-Back Guarentee, so everything makes the having website easier.

What Kind of Purchase Type Do You Accept?

We usually prefer Money Transfer to our monitored bank account. Also would like to discuss about payment systems, our offers quite acceptable.

Do I Have To Pay Before The Website Ready?

Absolutely no, we do not take any money before Website(s) is/are ready to go, except Domain name. We are also Hosting Provider, so no need to pay extra for hosting for each month or year.

What Do I Have To Completely Pay Totally?

We usually do not manage a domain for any website but we will buy a domain for special offers. We are able to provide a hosting as well so you just pay for domain as seperate and no worries for other expenses, we are here to make everything simple!

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